VTech Hotel Phones

Antibacterial Plastic

Studies show that eighty percent of all infections are spread through contact. That makes hotel environments prime targets for bacteria and infection, especially areas that are touched by multiple people. Despite housekeeping’s best efforts, germs can be quite difficult to eradicate.

VTech’s phones are made from antibacterial plastic, which protects both guests and housekeeping staff from germs. Specifically, we have added Zeomic®, an inorganic antibacterial agent, to the plastic. Zeomic uses silver and other ions to prevent the growth and migration of bacteria, mold and fungus.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) have approved Zeomic for use in a variety of products, including washing machines, food packaging and toys. Proven to protect against E. coli and Staphylococcus, it’s safe, will not irritate skin and lasts for the lifetime of the product to which it’s applied.

With VTech phones, everyone has an added layer of protection—and peace of mind.