VTech Hotel Phones

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VTech Hotel Phones: SIP Phones

Form and function come together in VTech SIP hotel phones—a palette designed to meet the needs of everyone from management and maintenance staff to the most demanding road warriors. Learn how these phones are helping the world's leading hotels deliver service continuity, control costs and make administration easy.


VTech Hotel Phones: The Cordless Advantage

As one of the primary touch points between a hotel's guests and its services, the guest room phone can truly impact the guest experience and the hotel's brand value. From hands-free mobility and compact footprints to guest safety and lower installation costs, VTech cordless hotel phones keep everyone better connected.


The Future of Hotel Phones:

From the guest room to the lobby, VTech corded and cordless phones are upgrading the guest experience in hotels around the world. That's thanks to innovative design and engineering, world-class service and support, and a commitment to the greenest standards. Meet the company that's changing the future of hotel phones.


Breaking New Ground:

For more than 35 years, VTech has designed and delivered market-leading cordless phones. Learn how we've leveraged that expertise to innovate a comprehensive palette of contemporary and classic hotel phones. David Waterman, VTech's design director, will walk you through the strategy and behind-the-scenes details that go into building VTech hotel phones.


VTech ErisStation Conference Speakerphone: Helping Guests Get Down to Business

It's more important than ever to provide guests with conference spaces that keep them connected. The new VTech ErisStation™ conference speakerphone is a PBX-compatible system with four microphones and interference-free sound, designed as a high-quality audio conferencing solution that allows participants to spread out and stay engaged.