Mobile Staff Solutions

For staff that are on-the-go, you need a communication solution as mobile as they are. From wireless, easy-to-use Key Line systems to ruggedized personal handsets, Snom single cell and multi-cell DECT solution let you roam free without dead spots. A DECT phone allows users to move about the property while they talk. The Snom family of DECT products ensures that hotel staff don't sacrifice functionality and quality with increased mobility.

Multi-Cell Solution

Our powerful Multi-Cell DECT solutions offer range and flexibility that cover multiple floors and buildings. The next generation M900 multi-cell base station provides extreme scalability, supporting up to 16,000 handsets per installation. And the compact, antibacterial M90 ruggedized handset is specifically designed for use in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are essential.

For hotels already utilizing the M700 solution, the M900 is backwards and forwards compatible with the M700 base station and handsets, meaning you can expand on current installations already onsite. Or compliment your new M900 base station with a mix and max of the handsets below.

Single Cell Solution

This single cell DECT package includes the M300 base station and one M25 handset, forming a uniquely powerful and expansive mobile telephony solution. This package can be extended with up to 20 additional Snom DECT handsets from the single M300 base station and is ideal for creating mobile telephony in a smaller environment.

Key Line Emulation (KLE) DECT Solution

The M100 KLE Solution is perfect for active, on-the-go environments that require range and mobility. Pair up to 10 cordless handsets and desksets per base station; designed for use in environments like restaurants, bars, pools, concierge stations and more. The easy-to-use system features key line emulation for improved call handling, making it easy to see incoming calls, hold calls, and pick up a call on hold with a simple press of a button. And with up to 500 feet of range from the base station, staff are no longer tethered to pesky wires, allowing them wireless communication freedom while they work.