When you choose VTech, you're also choosing world-class service and support, green standards and antibacterial phones backed by 35 years of telecom experience. Select from classic or contemporary analog and SIP models, the latest features and customizable face plates.

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  • CTM-A2415

    Contemporary Analog 1-Line Cordless Phone

  • CTM-S2415

    Contemporary SIP 1-Line Cordless Phone

  • CTM-S2115

    SIP 1-Line Cordless Hidden Base W/1 Cordless Handset & Charger

VTech's phones are made from antibacterial plastic, which protects both guests and housekeeping staff from germs. We've added an inorganic antibacterial agent to the plastic that uses silver and other ions to prevent the growth and migration of bacteria, mold and fungus.

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The hotel industry is constantly evolving and adapting to technological advances as well as customer demands. In the coming years, many hotels will be introducing smart innovations that will make the guest experience even better. These advancements will not only benefit the guests but also make life easier for hotel staff and owners. From hotel robots to facial recognition technology, these top 5 smart hotel innovations will revolutionize the way we stay in hotels.

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