• VTech Hospitality - Customer Testimonial

    Why partner with VTech and Snom to outfit your entire property's communication system? Scott Youngblood, General Manager at Embassy Suites of Portland, OR lays it out plain and simple: VTech is "far and away, the best we've ever worked with."

  • VTech Hospitality - Guest Phones for the Modern Hotel

    Part customer testimonial, part product introduction! Meet our new 15 Series Antibacterial Guest Room Phones. VTech incorporated what we were hearing in the marketplace into our new innovative series - the need for modern styling, smaller footprints, antibacterial plastic and affordable price points.

  • Mobile Staff Solutions for Hospitality

    The M100 is designed for departments that require mobility and rapid installation, like hotel restaurants, bars, pool or concierge. From wireless, easy-to-use multi-line systems to ruggedized personal handsets, you can customize the communication solution that fits your mobility needs. Snom business phones are backed by 3-year industry leading warranties, North American-based support and some great partners!

  • Mobile Staff Communication Solutions

    Need to take a walk? Mobile environments like hotels, hospitals, manufacturing and warehouses call for DECT wireless coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings. Don't sacrifice functionality and quality with increased mobility. Snom DECT provides a dedicated frequency band so no more lost signals in metal or concrete buildings. Snom offers a variety of handsets for every user - industrial, ruggedized, antibacterial, and professional can be mixed and matched all in one easily set up installation. Watch this partner testimonial to see the M900 Multi-Cell Base Station and M90 Antibacterial Handset in action!

  • Snom D785 Executive Level SIP Desk Phone

    The timeless, modern design of the Snom D785, combined with a large high-resolution color display is perfect for any working day. The newly designed user interface and second screen make using this telephone more intuitive than ever.

  • Snom D735 Mid-level SIP Desk Phone

    The Snom D735 hits the right notes thanks to its timeless design and the two modern color variants - this telephone is on the cutting edge, both technically and in terms of appearance.

  • Snom M90 Antibacterial DECT Handset

    Join the Snom DECT Revolution! The M90 DECT handset is specially designed for use in hospitals and homes and wherever cleanliness and hygiene play an important role. To guarantee this, the M90 has a special antibacterial housing that has also been tested according to JIS-Z801. This makes the device not only easy to clean, but also provides no breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

  • VTech Hotel Phones: The Cordless Advantage

    As one of the primary touch points between a hotel's guests and its services, the guest room phone can truly impact the guest experience and the hotel's brand value. From hands-free mobility and compact footprints to guest safety and lower installation costs, VTech cordless hotel phones keep everyone better connected.

  • M100 SMB Workplace Mobility Series

    The Small Business Solution for An Active, On-The-Go Workplace. The M100 DECT Mobility Series is perfect for small businesses that need an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use wireless communication system. Ideal for small businesses, restaurants and retailers, the M100 Base Station provides wireless flexibility and scalability for growing businesses.

  • VTech Hotel Phones: SIP Phones

    Form and function come together in VTech SIP hotel phones—a palette designed to meet the needs of everyone from management and maintenance staff to the most demanding road warriors. Learn how these phones are helping the world's leading hotels deliver service continuity, control costs and make administration easy.

  • The Future of Hotel Phones

    From the guest room to the lobby, VTech corded and cordless phones are upgrading the guest experience in hotels around the world. That's thanks to innovative design and engineering, world-class service and support, and a commitment to the greenest standards. Meet the company that's changing the future of hotel phones.

  • Breaking New Ground

    For more than 35 years, VTech has designed and delivered market-leading cordless phones. Learn how we've leveraged that expertise to innovate a comprehensive palette of contemporary and classic hotel phones. David Waterman, VTech's design director, will walk you through the strategy and behind-the-scenes details that go into building VTech hotel phones.

  • SNOM D717 Desk Telephone

    The D717 SIP Color Deskset features an intuitive design with advanced technology and connectivity. Three self-labeling programmable feature keys sit next to a 2.8-inch, 320 x 240 pixel color LCD display. Opus codec support gives you the freedom to enjoy crystal-clear audio or high-quality narrowband audio, depending on your network conditions. Zero touch provisioning eliminates the need for manual labor typically involved with installation. Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and dual Ethernet ports makes the system cost-effective and easy to use. The USB port allows additional connectivity, including up to three D7 expansion modules for increased visibility and one-button options. The system features multiple configurations, including three programmable feature keys, four soft keys and 14 dedicated feature keys. You'll feel safe with powerful security features like VPN support.

  • Snom C620 Conference Solution

    Free yourself from conference room wires, and help your team collaborate better. The Snom C620 wireless conference phone uses DECT 6.0 technology for a completely wireless.

  • Snom C520 Conference Solution

    Whether you run a small business from a home office, or collaborate in a large conference room, the Snom C520 SIP conference phone uses Bluetooth® and DECT 6.0 technology for frustration-free calls and meetings.

  • Telephony for the Entire Property

    VTech Hospitality goes above and beyond for our partners. Delivering high quality, innovative guest room phones and communication solutions for the entire property. Whether it's mobile staff, conferencing or administrative services, VTech and Snom are there to power enhanced and efficient communication. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Snom C620 Conference Phone in Action

    The C620 Wireless SIP Conference Phone enables a completely wireless conferencing experience. With DECT 6.0 Technology connecting the speakerphone and two detachable microphones, users can spread out and still be heard without shouting across the table. Perfect for hotel conference centers, training rooms or operational staff. Watch the C620 in action and contact to learn more.

  • Hospitality Administrative Communication Solutions

    The only phone manufacturer who can outfit your entire property. Hear first hand from our partner, Scott Younglood, General Manager at Embassy Suites Portland, why his team chose to partner with VTech and Snom for a powerful communication solution. The Snom D7xx Series provides a customizable, high definition audio experience for every level user.