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Cruise Ship Solutions

Seamless Communication on the High Seas Seamless Communication on the High Seas

Seamless Communication on the High Seas

Navigating effortless conversations with VTech's cutting-edge phones for modern cruising experiences

With decades of expertise, VTech has established itself as the go-to provider for hospitality phone solutions. Our dedication to excellence has made us a trusted partner for cruise lines worldwide. Our cruise-specific models are meticulously crafted to meet the unique challenges of shipboard environments, offering features that go beyond standard telephony.

Cruise ships present distinctive challenges in the realm of communication, and it's our mission to not only rise to these challenges but surpass them. Our cruise-specific models are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, tailored to harmonize seamlessly with the dynamic shipboard environments. Beyond conventional telephony, our solutions transcend expectations, offering a suite of features that redefine onboard communication.

By choosing VTech, cruise lines unlock a realm of possibilities in communication, entertainment, and guest satisfaction. We stand as a testament to the fusion of expertise and innovation, ensuring that cruise communication is not merely a service, but a transformative element that defines and refines the modern voyage.

Our Models

Every detail is considered, every function meticulously fine-tuned, and every design is chosen with purpose. Explore our impressive lineup of cruise-specific models that cater to the diverse needs of modern cruise ships.

Elevating Communication with Advanced Features

Our commitment extends beyond mere functionality – we're dedicated to elevating the very essence of cruise journeys, ensuring that every conversation, every interaction, and every moment is enhanced by our advanced technology.

SIP Models for Effortless Management

Our SIP models are designed for easy installation and management. Simplify communication setup and administration to focus on delivering an exceptional cruise experience. VTech has the most sophisticated and secure SIP stack in the industry.

Interoperability Compatibility

Experience seamless integration with leading communication systems. Our phones are interoperable with renowned brands such as Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Mitel, and NEC, ensuring compatibility across diverse platforms.

  • Dual Frequency

    Seamlessly connect with both crew and guest networks

  • Small Footprint

    Maximizing cabin space without compromising functionality

  • Antibacterial Coating

    Prioritizing health and safety with a hygienic surface

  • Sustainability

    We're committed to reducing our environmental impact

  • Crystal-Clear Communication

    Every conversation is crisp and comprehensible, even amidst the background noise of the open sea