1-Line Analog Cordless Color Accessory Handset with Charger
NGC-C3416HC Silver & Black

Featuring the smallest cordless phone on the market with a 2.8-inch color display handset. Expand your cordless system with up to 4 accessory handsets. The cordless design gives guests more mobility, while antibacterial plastic protects them from germs.

Key Features

  • Handset with antibacterial plastic inhibits 99.9% of bacteria growth
  • 2.8-inch color display handset
  • Scrolling list of programmable speed dials on display
  • 3 dedicated physical service keys (message, front desk, emergency)
  • Real time clock

Cordless Features

  • DECT 6.0* technology eliminates interference from wireless networks and other wireless devices for superior sound quality
  • Built-in speakerphone on cordless handset
  • Handset Battery Life: Up to 7 hours of talk time with 5 days of standby time
  • Backlit handset dialpad
  • Calls are digitized and encrypted making eavesdropping nearly impossible
  • Low battery indicator on cordless handset for easy maintenance
  • Answer a call by simply picking up the handset from the charger

Cordless Handset Features

  • Dedicated EMERGENCY, MESSAGE, and FRONT DESK buttons, plus customizable scrolling speed dial list on display
  • Hearing-aid compatible
  • Multi-step volume control for ringer, handset, and speakerphone


  • Handset Colors: Black
  • Charger: Silver Black
  • Radio Frequency Baseband: Available in DECT 1.8GHz**, DECT 1.9GHz*
  • Charger Power Source: Included AC adapter
  • Charger C5016: Local power
  • Humidity: 65% ± 20%
  • Temperature: 25°C ± 10°C
  • 2-year limited warranty